Frutos Evergreen: Authentic Flavors of Colombia

Savor the Authentic Taste of Colombia

Experience the richness of Colombian coffee and cacao, brought to you by Frutos Evergreen

Crossmi Coffee: An Unparalleled Experience


We proudly present our three exquisite coffee varieties, crafted under the most stringent quality standards and the unmistakable Crossmi seal.


  • Citric notes, natural sweetness, balanced acidity


  • Medium body, intense aroma, chocolate aftertaste


  • Balanced blend, vibrant flavor, fine aroma

Get your Colombian cocoa and coffee and discover the essence of coffee passion in every cup.


Discover our premium Fairtrade-certified cocoa beans from Colombia. Enjoy their complex and rich flavor profile, perfect for chocolate connoisseurs. Plus, know that your purchase supports positive social and environmental impact in local communities.


Immerse yourself in the richness of Colombian coffee flavors and discover a unique sensory experience. Our export coffee is grown in the pristine coffee-growing lands of Colombia, famous for its excellence and quality recognized throughout the world.

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